Monday, April 18, 2011

Sits at Natural Waist

I think these may be my new favorite 4 words in women's fashion. Sits at Natural Waist. My waist is not my hips. Sounds obvious, right? Not so much to most designers these days. And women have hips. Yes, all women. Some more, some less, some work to get theirs as non existent as possible, but mine? They exist. And post kiddos, their existence is further um, enhanced? ;) Anyone who knows me knows I have fallen in love with Boden, not even for the quality or fit, but for their style, but the more I buy of them- oh the fit! I'm wearing a pair of their capris right now and if I bent cirque du soleil style you would see, none, NONE of my bum. Can I tell you how nice this is? Courtesy of my two little beans I do a lot of strange movements and I really don't want to be showing those parts of me! Now some people in this world have abs that bear showing off, and those folks- go at it, live it up if you want to. Wear the 3" rise. But should you not be in that category, companies are coming back to their senses and building clothes that fit women (read: over 21, had babies.) Hoorah!
But mine are khaki- those this is making me want those, too...

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