Friday, May 13, 2011

I finished!

 I did it! I finally finished the dress! Well, one of the dresses, but they are identical so in theory I'm like 80% done, at least in my mind. My darling refused to try it on, but would agree to have it lain on her. Had she tried it on I would have realized it's huge! When I finally got her to try it it was about 1-2 sizes too big! Ah well, better than the flip side! It'll fit someday. I think Dress #2 will be made in Germany, I'm already behind here on, um, everything. I did buy some pretty pink, girly material as she asked that it have a horse on it ;) crack me up. You know, it all started so I could make her a dress with her pop's plane on it! But she isn't feelin' that so much. We are all horses right now!

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