Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's not even right...

I'm so behind here it's not even right. I just read the blog of a wonderful friend who was typing while her NEWBORN was sleeping. I have no excuse. So due to a lack of who knows what, I'm not posting the latest photos, but instead my latest drool prompter. Prepare yo' self.
Patent leather biker boots.
How in the world am I going to justify these.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The last days of Summer

After we found out we could put the girls in the local German school, we also found out we had 2 more weeks of summer than originally planned so we decided to have a little fun! This was at Eifel Park in Gondorf- excellent place! Everything from rides (and some suh-weet slides!) to animals to ball pits, to, well, we didn't even get to see it all! Here are a few photos from what we did get to enjoy (and we will so be back! Season pass next summer!)
The girls' first funny mirrors!

We make Vikings look good.

Many of the sand boxes I see here are sand houses- like this. A little house you go in, and the play sand is inside.

Also the girls first ball pit. Rather skeptical at first, but big A warmed up to it. I think little A's going to need a few more trips to be sure.

And I quote, "Yes, this is the face I want to make for the photo. I don't want  a smile picture."


Feeding rabbits.

Big A just loves Bald Eagles, "Look Mom! It's our national bird!!"

$5 on vet. Or zoo keeper. Any takers? She didn't want to give the bird back (at all.)

The little market in Wittlich with the coolest. neighbor. ever.

Been meaning to post these ones for awhile, I confess, this was in late August, but fabulous none the less! So, I've mentioned my rock star neighbor before, but must again. I just love her! She took me with her on errands the other day (month) and this was wonderful because A) she speaks German, B) she knows where EVERYthing is, and C) (possibly the best) she knows everyone! We had so much fun! I've heard stories of the people who end up with the grandparent neighbors who just want to help you and love on your kids (CF, I'm talkin' to you!) and I finally got some! So blessed!

These vans come and circle up and they open to be little counters. This one was meat and fresh eggs (really good eggs! Nice and orange!)

They have funny little toys here and there downtown. Not like a playground, just one little rocker see saw here and there.

Yee haw!

This fab cafe (Carpe Diem- I could eat there every day) has an outdoor eating area and little tables and chairs for the kids too.

Chateau Vianden

We (finally) went furniture shopping for a new couch this weekend and 4 hours, 3 beers, 10 sausages and 20 mini eclairs later, we did it! (They're big into feeding you in Belgium; I was stuffed when we left!) Then I found out it was back ordered for 2 months. Gut punch. Fine- just give me the freakin' couch when it comes in. We finally agreed on one! Where is this all going you ask? Was the couch at a Chateau? Well after all that we decided we were already in Belgium, why not drive about- we were sure the kids would pass out in the back once we got in the car. nope. However, we were forgiven for driving them around extra when we came to a castle and said, "Yes!" When they asked if we could see it! You should have see Big A's face. She was floored. It was awesome. The castle turned out to be Chateau Vianden and we were actually in Luxemb(o)urg, who knew? Okay, I think J knew, but I was surprised. The funny spelling: I had to post that because all the signs there have it spelled that way for either German or French, but we ended up cracking ourselves up saying "Luxem-BOH-urg." It's funny what a day of furniture shopping with little kids and a box of mini eclairs will do to you. I did my best to get some good shots, but you should really click on the link above to see it's beauty. It was incredible. I couldn't do it justice. Unfortunately we couldn't go in (it closed 5 minutes before we got there!) but we will for sure be back- cool, cool town. They're still rebuilding after WWII. As we rolled into town there was some serious house music pumping, like we could hear it with the windows up, so we assumed there was a fest of sorts going on (it's fest season around here!) We look and look, nothing. Hmm...On the way to find some dinner the music gets really loud so we think, we've found it! Guess. Spin contest. No kidding. Like on the bicycle. That town was rocking like you could hear the beat in the ground and for what? Stationary bikes. Crack me up. And what do they all do after this? Go for beer! I love this country.
Here are my attempts at some shots:

This is her, STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME! face.

This was just a cool garage/patio area on the walk up to the Chateau.

Want this door.

This was really neat; it's a close up of one of the stations of the cross they have here.

Down by the river, on the way to dinner. Little A is quite sure the sludge is alligators. And is also quite happy about that.

A restaurant with a playground?? Yes, please!

It was about a hundred times cooler than this in person.