Monday, October 17, 2011

September photo catch up!

Here's the best of September's photos...
Lil' A feeding bread dough to Big A

We have this walnut tree....

With eleventy billion walnuts...

And this was the beginning when J wanted to do it "right" and wash and dry them...

The local school requires all this gear be on hand and it's so reflective!


Just plain cute.

Hard at work...

More of the bread dough photos...

We made so much dough! But this was all that was left after the "testing to make sure it's good"

I don't know what it is about them in their backpacks, but it just kills me!

This is one of my favorites!


A took this photo, she's getting pretty good!

She took this one, too. We're having some surprisingly educational moments with the iPhone.

This is in her classroom at school- we thought we'd take some pictures of her as she grows there.

Makin' her work! You want fresh OJ? You make it! ;)

My kids would no kidding scrub veggies all day. Crack me up.

Waiting for our class field trip to start.

On our walk with the class.

The rest of the class is working on a game about 5 feet away, A wants to play with the acorns to help out the squirrels.

This is what I found when I came to  pick them up from school!

Hard at work coloring!

She wanted to try the bike again! Hooray! This time she was ready; it was worth the wait.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freakin' Fruit Flies

There are freaking fruit flies taking over my kitchen. I love fresh fruit and especially tomatoes, but in the fridge they're not as good (and the tomatoes not at all!) But I don't love fruit flies. So I'm all over the internet and Amazon trying to figure something out and I find this great looking jobby on Amazon, but guess what won't ship here. yeah. I decide to try one more time, and this time rather than looking for a product I try a more general search and I find this great idea on this blog and think I'll try it out. [I'm trying to refind the blog right now and having no luck to give them credit! So, I'm officially taking NO credit for this idea!] It worked like a charm! It took about a week over all and three new ones in there, but then, voila! Fruit flies be gone! I have fresh produce out, a compost bucket and have been known to let the dishes sit there a minute (or two...) so I'm like a fruit flies dream come true, but no more! It's apple cider vinegar with a piece of fruit in it (I used the top of a tomato) then I sprinkled a little yeast on it and they went guano for it! I highly recommend this for anyone in the same boat! I think they must have laid eggs somewhere because after that week I don't have one out anymore and I'm all good. But I'll be prepared if they try and move in again!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breakfast Quest

I must be settling in here because I've found a project! A wonderful friend sent me Simple Suppers for my birthday this year from the folks at Moosewood Restaurant and I've been itching to try it! This morning, as I made french toast (again, but I can't get enough!) I thought, "I need a new breakfast idea." Weekdays we're all business around here- boiled eggs, bread, cheese, fruit. done. But Saturdays I want something a little more. How does this all tie in, right? I thought, I know it says "Suppers" but it can't hurt to flip through it, and low and behold, there is an entire egg section! I looove eggs. Especially here where it's so easy to get the good ones. There are 8 egg recipes here so I'm going to attempt to make 1 each Saturday to try them out! This book has so many tasty looking ideas, I literally drool reading it. So next Saturday, Veggie Western Omelet! It sounds so simple, but come Saturday morning I can't seem to think of anything. Must plan ahead. It's like Sunday morning clothes for church. I could get up at 5am and not be able to pick anything out in time, however the night before? 5 minutes.  Here's a photo of my scrumptious french toast, recipe out of the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook (you know, the one you get as a wedding present with all the basics!) But I tweak it a little and add my sister's secret ingredient- Almond Extract! She always made the best french toast and I couldn't figure it out- then she let me in on a little something. Swap the vanilla extract for almond and (this is important!) use half as much or it's really strong! Another wonderful friend (I am so blessed!) turned me on to Challah bread for this recipe and it gets even better!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nederkail Fest

Nederkail! We went a while back to a fest where a friend was showing her art and had a blast! I love herbst (fall) in Germany, they have fests for literally everything. Onion fest. Fall fest. Walnut fest. seriously. And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what this fest was officially celebrating, but we did have a good time!
I LOVE the reverse cam!

Watching the band rock out! And the drunk guy rocking out a little less, um, well, he  was having a good time and cracking my 2 year old up!

Abused by kisses. We call it Mommy Tax ;)

Love this shot! They made a world of apfelsaft! (Apple juice)

Old tractors are to Germany what golf carts are to the South. Neither are used for the right thing, but both are adorned and adored!

This cracked me up- suddenly I was back in Georgia! This was above the taxidermy shop.