Monday, October 10, 2011

Nederkail Fest

Nederkail! We went a while back to a fest where a friend was showing her art and had a blast! I love herbst (fall) in Germany, they have fests for literally everything. Onion fest. Fall fest. Walnut fest. seriously. And to tell you the truth, I'm not sure what this fest was officially celebrating, but we did have a good time!
I LOVE the reverse cam!

Watching the band rock out! And the drunk guy rocking out a little less, um, well, he  was having a good time and cracking my 2 year old up!

Abused by kisses. We call it Mommy Tax ;)

Love this shot! They made a world of apfelsaft! (Apple juice)

Old tractors are to Germany what golf carts are to the South. Neither are used for the right thing, but both are adorned and adored!

This cracked me up- suddenly I was back in Georgia! This was above the taxidermy shop.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and update, This is October and you are not wearing sweaters. Just wait winter is around the corner.

  2. It was actually a freakish bit of warm weather we were having. We busted out the scarves this weekend! J called it Summer's Last Gasp ;)