Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breakfast Quest

I must be settling in here because I've found a project! A wonderful friend sent me Simple Suppers for my birthday this year from the folks at Moosewood Restaurant and I've been itching to try it! This morning, as I made french toast (again, but I can't get enough!) I thought, "I need a new breakfast idea." Weekdays we're all business around here- boiled eggs, bread, cheese, fruit. done. But Saturdays I want something a little more. How does this all tie in, right? I thought, I know it says "Suppers" but it can't hurt to flip through it, and low and behold, there is an entire egg section! I looove eggs. Especially here where it's so easy to get the good ones. There are 8 egg recipes here so I'm going to attempt to make 1 each Saturday to try them out! This book has so many tasty looking ideas, I literally drool reading it. So next Saturday, Veggie Western Omelet! It sounds so simple, but come Saturday morning I can't seem to think of anything. Must plan ahead. It's like Sunday morning clothes for church. I could get up at 5am and not be able to pick anything out in time, however the night before? 5 minutes.  Here's a photo of my scrumptious french toast, recipe out of the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook (you know, the one you get as a wedding present with all the basics!) But I tweak it a little and add my sister's secret ingredient- Almond Extract! She always made the best french toast and I couldn't figure it out- then she let me in on a little something. Swap the vanilla extract for almond and (this is important!) use half as much or it's really strong! Another wonderful friend (I am so blessed!) turned me on to Challah bread for this recipe and it gets even better!

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