Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freakin' Fruit Flies

There are freaking fruit flies taking over my kitchen. I love fresh fruit and especially tomatoes, but in the fridge they're not as good (and the tomatoes not at all!) But I don't love fruit flies. So I'm all over the internet and Amazon trying to figure something out and I find this great looking jobby on Amazon, but guess what won't ship here. yeah. I decide to try one more time, and this time rather than looking for a product I try a more general search and I find this great idea on this blog and think I'll try it out. [I'm trying to refind the blog right now and having no luck to give them credit! So, I'm officially taking NO credit for this idea!] It worked like a charm! It took about a week over all and three new ones in there, but then, voila! Fruit flies be gone! I have fresh produce out, a compost bucket and have been known to let the dishes sit there a minute (or two...) so I'm like a fruit flies dream come true, but no more! It's apple cider vinegar with a piece of fruit in it (I used the top of a tomato) then I sprinkled a little yeast on it and they went guano for it! I highly recommend this for anyone in the same boat! I think they must have laid eggs somewhere because after that week I don't have one out anymore and I'm all good. But I'll be prepared if they try and move in again!

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