Monday, September 5, 2011

The last days of Summer

After we found out we could put the girls in the local German school, we also found out we had 2 more weeks of summer than originally planned so we decided to have a little fun! This was at Eifel Park in Gondorf- excellent place! Everything from rides (and some suh-weet slides!) to animals to ball pits, to, well, we didn't even get to see it all! Here are a few photos from what we did get to enjoy (and we will so be back! Season pass next summer!)
The girls' first funny mirrors!

We make Vikings look good.

Many of the sand boxes I see here are sand houses- like this. A little house you go in, and the play sand is inside.

Also the girls first ball pit. Rather skeptical at first, but big A warmed up to it. I think little A's going to need a few more trips to be sure.

And I quote, "Yes, this is the face I want to make for the photo. I don't want  a smile picture."


Feeding rabbits.

Big A just loves Bald Eagles, "Look Mom! It's our national bird!!"

$5 on vet. Or zoo keeper. Any takers? She didn't want to give the bird back (at all.)

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