Monday, September 5, 2011

The little market in Wittlich with the coolest. neighbor. ever.

Been meaning to post these ones for awhile, I confess, this was in late August, but fabulous none the less! So, I've mentioned my rock star neighbor before, but must again. I just love her! She took me with her on errands the other day (month) and this was wonderful because A) she speaks German, B) she knows where EVERYthing is, and C) (possibly the best) she knows everyone! We had so much fun! I've heard stories of the people who end up with the grandparent neighbors who just want to help you and love on your kids (CF, I'm talkin' to you!) and I finally got some! So blessed!

These vans come and circle up and they open to be little counters. This one was meat and fresh eggs (really good eggs! Nice and orange!)

They have funny little toys here and there downtown. Not like a playground, just one little rocker see saw here and there.

Yee haw!

This fab cafe (Carpe Diem- I could eat there every day) has an outdoor eating area and little tables and chairs for the kids too.

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