Saturday, November 5, 2011


We made a little jaunt down to Luxembourg the other day, Luxembourg City that is. Beautiful! Cold. But, beautiful!

 It was sprinkling a little (a very little) so A HAD to have her umbrella!
 Give my 2 year old a plastic cup? What, are you crazy? Of course I'll give her a glass filled to the brim! Europeans.

 Okay, this sign cracked me up!
 Here's a close up!
 What could they be staring at? (notice the fashion- oh yeah, that's red pants with sparkly pink shoes! I love little girls.)
 "MAMA LOOK! A HORSE! and a rider, and a HORSE!"

 I just love the iron work on this fence!
 Okay, this is the far left of the palace- the duke of something? Showing my political ignorance here ;)
 This is the middle/upper area.
 And the far right (including the guard who belongs to the Dept. of Funny Walks.)
 I love European fountains, they are beautiful and wacky!
 This the Nepalese Embassy. Love that door.
 This one takes a little explanation. The top photo is showing something that looks like a churro, but it's a heating element so your cheese is melting fresh for you right there. omgoodness. I WILL be back sans darlings for that.
 Any of you who know my oldest know the exclamation that came with this one! UNICORN!!!!
 Not sure what the significance of the unicorn is, but cool none-the-less.
 I had to try this! It's fried chicken sushi! seriously! I am a land lover, gastronomically speaking, and there for was prepared to eat rice and miso, but this I had to try! Fried chicken, avocado and mayo. Yum! Can't recommend the place overall though, so it's not getting a mention. 
Big A trying desperately to use chopsticks on edamame. Little a has already given up as the hunger grew!

It was a lovely trip! I'm not sure I'd call it a kid's city, though it's entirely possible I just missed a bunch of things. But I would love to go back! (And in fantasy land, go back with 2000 euros so I could buy an outfit or two. Lovely fashion- insane, crazy, bonkers prices. Apparently that city is loaded!)

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