Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Basil, basil, basil, round #98

I love basil. Adore basil. Can eat it straight off the plant. (Interestingly, so can my 4 year old!) Basil is about a hundred times better fresh, however a few leaves of fresh basil is about $4 at the store. We use a lot of basil. So you think, silly, buy a basil plant, right? I've had 4. Had. Not have. Had. In talking with an acquaintance of mine she mentioned the same dilemma and said she heard the trick is to plant your own basil from seed or buy an established plant from a nursery vs. the live plants at the store. Hmmm....I'm not known for my success with seeds, but LOVE basil. So Smith & Hawken at my darling Target had a cute little basil kit that called to me as I walked by and I decided to try it. Here she is in all her (soon to be) glory (hopefully.)
Isn't she cute?
She'll be even cuter with basil growing! It came with 3 types of basil, though I've already forgotten which kinds, which is good. The girls helped me plant the seeds so I have no idea what is where! My fingers are crossed so tight it hurts!

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