Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I made a delicious Mexican dinner! Tex Mex to be specific :)

Some of you will read this title and think, yeah? and? But some of you will jump with joy and properly celebrate with me knowing how long I've been working on/wanting this! We spent a good chunk of time in south Texas and the Tex Mex food (for those of you not in the know, yes, it is quite different than regular Mexican food) stole my heart! A wonderful friend of mine made my Guisada when she was visiting and froze some for me. Later, as I was reveling in it, I commented on Facebook about it and found out there is a seasoning mix you can use to make it. Hmmm... skeptical, but the person who told me about it puts Martha Stewart to shame so I decided to order some from Amazon. I come to find out, they also make a bean seasoning and a rice seasoning! Now, my rice and beans aren't bad, but they are missing something, I don't know what. But the people at Fiesta do! Tonight I made tacos, rice and beans with my swanky new seasonings (they're Extra Fancy, even says so on the bottle) and the whole family loved them! My youngest gobbled up an adult size serving! Hoorah! Now to try the Guisada seasoning! I also used yummy Frontera Texas Taco sauce- called for potatoes which I thought would be weird in a taco, but also delicious! Success all around! Tomorrow night I'm trying their enchilada sauce!

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