Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wundebar! and redirect

This blog started as a way to track a project and turned into a tracker and inspirer of many projects! I am thankful for that! However, recently we found out we'll be moving abroad, shortly, so my project now is getting our life in order! My broccoli's gone to bloom, I haven't replanted the tomato seeds my youngest dug out and dumped on the floor and the bread? Well, there's dough in the fridge, but who knows how it'll bake out! The only project I'm determined to finish before we go is the girls' dresses. Did I post about that? I bought a pattern and the fabric for "an easy dress you could make in a day!" (so sayeth the sales lady; clearly we're at different sewing, time management and motivation levels.) That was last summer, 2010. yeah. But I'm 90% done with my eldest daughter's dress, thought the remaining 10% is the buttons. Button holes currently rank with black holes in there level of mystification. I'm sure once I figure it out it'll be one of those, "oh that? Took 5 minutes" kind of things. But not yet. I'm making the exact same dress for my youngest so the second one, in theory, should be much faster, right? Here's hoping!
I will keep this blog on our travels so you can all keep up with all the tasty things I'm eating ;) And perhaps some pics of the kids and sights- but really, priorities here, let's focus on the cheese possibilities!
There is so much do in a few short months! Passports, sell the house, sort the house; stress levels increasing in that order. Oh, where are we going? Germany! Wundebar! Long live sauerkraut and beer! Hopefully I am not as wide as I am tall when we move back! Though truly, if that were to happen, I'd really want it to happen  via strudel. 

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