Monday, March 21, 2011

Office- DONE!

Go Me! By Friday? No. But done? Yes! Wahoo! See new and improved desk here!

Just in case you forgot, this was the before:
 I'm beyond glad I did this one! This week's newest challenge is the kids' toys and clothes but I'm not to worried on that front. Courtesy of the upcoming move and 2 spring birthdays I've been skimming their goods for months. Thank goodness for preschool. The Simple Mom website says to do it with your kids and make them ask, "Is it useful? Or is it beautiful?" My eldest will surely be a lawyer because she can justify (easily) everything in her room, from the genuinely useful to the scrap of broken, decaying leaf that's a "treasure" on her shelf. Big blue eyes say, "but Mom! I love that! It's my most favorite [insert item] ever! I don't think I could live without it!" With sincerity. You might craftily counter with, "then why haven't you touched it in months darling?" "Oh, because it's so special I just wanted to treasure it!" Without skipping a beat. Well, at least she'll be able to put us in a good home someday! Since I'm not going to dive into their toys and clothes more than normal and I'm going to be a lazy parent and not have this conversation with my 4 year old, instead I think I'll work more in the office. My desk is lovely, my office closet is distinctly less lovely.

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