Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is it with me and projects?

Something about a project, one I can join, with lists and numbers; it makes me drool! Now that we're leaving in 4 months and as I still haven't finished the You Can Make This in One Day Dress, from last summer, I tell myself, "No, Sus, you can't do this." With that said, I've joined Simple Mom's Project Simplify! I have a problem. But they had checklists! How could I resist? They even have cute pictures:

"Your home. 5 weeks. 5 hotspots. Decluttered." Really, this was beyond me, I had no choice! Last week was week 1 and it was organize your master closet. This was easy, I didn't even really do it. Courtesy of my "bonus" pounds (read: very worth it kid #2) I only fit about 25% of my closet until about 6 months ago when I gave up, tossed and repurchased things. Great! Wait for it. This week is papers. As in my desk. In an effort to force myself to do this I'm taking a photo. Wasn't that how this whole blog started? Here's the before of the disaster that is my desk. I feel a need to justify my piles and tell you all my great excuses, but instead I'll save time and just let you imagine them. They're really, really good excuses. There. I did it. I just took a picture of It. And I'm going to post it. If nothing else my shame will motivate me. Here is the before:
I am sitting here now thinking of excuses not to post this! It must be done. yar. By Friday it should look like it's the desk of a grown up! Then there will be a photo that elicits a nice sigh (rather than a sharp intake of breath and wave of panic.)

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