Monday, March 28, 2011

Turning a negative into a positive!

This week we had a little surprise- we had someone drive by and see our for sale sign and want to see our house right then if possible. Well, this conversation (via phone) took place on my front porch so I could hear the caller over my little rock stars inside who were drumming and "singing" as loudly as possible. The hubby was firing up the grill and my rock stars also weren't wearing any pants (this is how you can tell they're real rock stars) so I asked if we could do tomorrow instead? Sure, we'll be by about 4pm. Okay. Then I hung up. Came back inside and looked at my house. crap. Not even kind of ready to show. Not even a little. So the hubby and I stayed up till midnight (that's late in our book) and worked our tails off all night and then all day till 3:50pm. Collapsing on the couch so proud of ourselves for really making the house look great in such a short time! 4p. 4:15p. 4:30pm. We call them, no answer. 5pm. The natives are getting restless and hungry...5:30p. This is when we accepted we'd be stood up. I had the normal reaction and my wonderful husband slowly unscrewed me from the ceiling. So I prayed and prayed because what I wanted to do was kick something. And an hour later realized I was having a great night. Dinner was on the table, turned out well (new recipe), we had some great time playing with the kids, watched a movie together as a family (Brother Bear, loved it! And yes, I totally cried at the end.) Later we put the little one to bed and took the big one out to see the stars. It was an incredible night! Not only had God totally turned my heart around, but in the process we got a months worth of chores done to the house in under 24 hours! I prayed before they came; if this isn't the people God wants in this house, then let them not buy it. So maybe that was it. Maybe they were just lacking in manners. I don't know. But what I do know, is that I gave my stress to God and he gave me a spit shined house and a fabulous night with my family! I tell my girls all the time, God can always bring good out of bad, but you have to let Him. I guess I needed to remind myself of that!

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