Friday, March 4, 2011

A smidgen & progress

Finally, a little basil is growing! $10 bucks says it reaches harvest potential 1 week before we move! That's all right, it will make a nice gift to someone! Or we'll just gobble it up.

Progress- as of today our house is on the market. gulp. Can I just tell you how not ready to sell it is? Nothing like taking photos of your house to show you how much you need to do! On the upside, it's nothing structural, just cleaning and organizing and throwing massive amounts of things away! Slowly but surely. I've decided to try and work one room at a time getting it showable. Lord be with me if someone wants to see it soon! I'll make it work, but it'll take some coffee!

My Learn German the Fast and Fun Way came today; between that and listing the house this is starting to feel real. My eldest is starting to grasp that we're moving far away now and isn't taking it so well yet, though she's talking it out and that's huge. We had a long talk tonight about why we have to move and why we can't just live here forever and why her father can't get a job that never has to move. Sweet girlie. I've ordered some books that are supposed to help, we'll see if they do!

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