Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 15:30 Challenge!

Day 1: Dressed up Boden dress
Project: Get out of my yoga pants! A fabulous blogger I follow cited a fabulous blogger she follows and so I've come to find this 15:30 challenge! What is it? Pick 15 items of clothing to wear for, ready? 30 days. Now obviously, not undies, PJs, workout clothes, just day to day wear.  I think this was originally for those folks stuck in a rut of outfits to challenge them to remix, but for me, it's challenging me to actually use the cute clothes in my closet! I own an iron. I do! Hard to believe, I know, but it's in my room. Just wishing someone would do something other than stack clothes next to it on the laundry board. I'll be posting my choices and the ways I can mix and remix it. I've had a lot of fun already just digging through my closet and finding things I love! And things I love that will, never, ever fit (appropriately) again, and things that really shouldn't be there at all.

Factors: It's still incredibly warm and muggy here, but hopefully within the next 30 days it will cool a bit. If so, I will re-look at my choices and possible trade shorts for pants as needed. Also, I'm not factoring in special events (on the off chance any happen) but I am figuring on my church clothes coming out of this.

So now I've laid out my choices, it turns out I love navy. Who knew? Had you asked me I would have said brown. Hm. This is useful already!

Here's a photo of Day 1! A wonderful brown Boden dress that's been in my closet, wanting to be loved, but needing something to go with it. I decided it would be 1 of my 15 and managed to dig up a necklace I've never worn and some beady straps! Dress: Boden; Necklace: Payless; Shoes: Old Navy.

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