Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holy Rising Yeast, Batman!

Glorious bread, round 1!
So, I'm embarking on this bread adventure, ready to try my luck, no matter how many tries and low and behold, the first batch. whoa. My butter is happy to be on this bread. I'm posting the the book I'm using, and no, I'm not one of those cool bloggers who gets sent free stuff to review. Just an Amazon junkie who bought this book hoping not to drive 30 minutes to Publix to get the closest thing I could to great bread. Why doesn't this town have a real bakery?? The book is Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: The Discovery That Revolutionizes Home Baking

Now this is the basic, "Master Recipe: Boule" as they call it. The book has more (thank goodness!) And yes, it did only take 5 minutes of actual work a day, over two days to start it. It has to sit quite awhile, but that doesn't require anything from you other than counter and fridge space. I really didn't expect this to work out so well initially. First of all, I'm not much of a baker, I'm more of a stove top kind of lady. Second, I made 2 loaves and tried to squeeze them on the same stone in the oven. And did I mention my dough was all kinds of wet? And I grabbed too small of dough balls to start? This is like idiot proof bread- perfect! I love all bread, all carbs, let's be honest, but I adore crusty bread. I'm stuffing my pie hole, as I type, hopefully no butter on the keys, with crusty, $4/loaf kind of bread. That I made. That I have enough for 2 more loaves just sitting in my fridge, waiting to be brought to life. I'm. in. heaven. The only true crime here is that it's too late to make an awesome cup o' joe to go with it. WAIT! I bought decaf the other day! I knew there was a reason! I love it when I outsmart myself!

Next project: Herb Bread variation. 
It recommends thyme and rosemary, but I already have fresh rosemary growing out of control in my backyard. Do I really want to go to the store for fresh thyme? I bought some herbs a bit ago, I'll have to dig through the fridge and see if there's any thyme there...

After that? Baguettes! That is typed with glee and a little bum wiggle in my seat! I can wolf down a baguette like a starving Frenchie! When I get really good I'll have to run my bread past the true Frenchies and see if it passes muster!


  1. Hoorah for blogging and bread! My bread making adventures have never turned out well and I blame that on my lack of a good oven and not my complete incompetence. :)

    Looking forward to having a new, cool blog to read.


  2. B- I don't know about cool, but new! ;) My obsession with projects, really, it's a bad sign. You should blog- you have the most entertaining posts ever- truly!