Sunday, August 29, 2010

Days 3-5 of the Mighty 15

So far so good! I'm staying with my 15 though I'm already noticing some things. Like my jean skirt could fit much better. And of course I stained 2 items immediately! But the rules say:

1. Select 15 items from your closet: These can include shirts, trousers, jeans, cardigans, dresses, etc — in short, clothing. Make your final selections by August 30th.
2. Use unlimited accessories: Remix your outfits relying on all of your jewelry, shoes, scarves, outerwear (blazers/suit jackets do not equal outerwear!), and belts.
3. Captain Obvious: your pajamas and lounge-at-home clothing do not count, undergarments do not count, gym clothes do not count.
4. Make the COMMIT LIST: Document your list on your blog, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, loose-leaf paper, etc. Feel free to snap photographs of the items, list them — get creative! This is your commit list, and you can’t stray from it. Stain on shirt? DEAL WITH IT. Cat ripped your pants? Get a SEWING KIT.
5. Keep a diary: Document your outfits each day, whether it be via an “outfit of the day” photo or a log of what you’ve worn and how you’ve mixed it up.
6. Ask for help!: Call your friends, pen a blog. Don’t be afraid to ask friends for help on creative ideas on keeping your wardrobe fresh!
I'm holding to #4- Stain? Deal with it! So back into the wash they went with some TLC and a prayer. I completely forgot to take a photo of Day 4 so it was the black shirt from the Gap with the ON khaki bermuda shorts. I'm sure I'll get another chance to photo those later! Here's what else I've worn so far:
Day 3
Day 4 was of course the missing picture and Day 5 was this:

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