Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Got fashion?

15 items. 30 days. Well this assumed a few things I didn't. 2 things in particular, 2 people I should say were not factored in. 2 darling children that I adore that have a gift for destroying my clothes. I try to do laundry every day and still have a hard time making it work! Also, no matter how much you love a shirt, if it doesn't look good on you, you're not going to wear it. Let it go. Big sigh. Good bye Gap sweater T. I loved you well. Alackaday, you did not return my love. It just doesn't work on me! So off it goes to the preggo closet (it'll be perfect for the first trimester or so.) I swapped it for a gray tank top and a pink cardigan set as it's getting cooler. Not cold by any means, but 80s in the day. I've also found myself profoundly bored with these clothes. I love, LOVE, that this project has gotten me out of the yoga pants; I've realized the benefit of taking 5 minutes to put an outfit together. It really makes my whole day better. So I'm adding some items in. My new plan is to add 1 item each Sunday. And I must wear that item during the week at some point. So I'm still finding new outfits I already own, but adding in some more clothing I already have. I believe the spirit of the thing is the same and damn it, it's my challenge, I'll do it my way! This past Sunday I added a white Gap ruffle tank that looks a lot like this, but the ruffles don't come down so far. Only about half way down the shirt.
I'm hoping to try to layer it under a great cardigan later this summer/fall as I can. Lastly, there is another shirt in my group that I love, but find myself not wearing. It looks cute on, that's not the problem, I just don't know what to wear with it:
Pencil skirt? Denim? I also swapped out that item for a jean skirt that actually fit (including breathing.) The new one is too light for this. Khakis? Feel like I'm in a uniform. Shorts? Camp counselor. Waiting for some divine inspiration on this one. Or it may go the way of the warrior as well.

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