Friday, September 10, 2010

Things I love: kids version: Tell Me a Story

As my daughter has just spread these cards all across the floor, I find myself smiling and thinking what a wonderful toy this is and that I might share it! What it is is a collection of cards, playing card size, but thicker, with beautiful pictures on them. We have the Fairy Tale Mix-Up, but there's also Mystery in the Forest, Little Robot's Mission, Circus Animal's Adventures and possibly more. You put them together to make up a story! No batteries, no markers, no mess, fit in your purse/pocket (my husband's pockets, not mine.) We've used them in the car for long trips, at a restaurant (easy to use in small spaces and can be wiped off) and today we spread them about 3-4' across the floor and took turns making up our story. We each used a card to add to the story, back and forth till we got through all of them. Each time it's better; so much fun! I have a number of Eeboo products and love them. But these I love enough to share about! The whole family can play, she can play by herself, even my toddler likes to look at the pictures and swirl them all over the table/floor/tray! I fully recommend these!

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  1. Thanks for posting about EEBOO. I could look at their website all day. What clever things!