Monday, June 6, 2011

2 weeks. Holy smacks.

Germany has been my first choice assignment for as long as I can remember, and after a surprisingly quick decade we got it! However, the 4 short months to get ready have FLOWN by! I am a mass of excitement and anxiety. Is it worth the stress? An unequivocal yes. But am I ready? Dear Lord, I hope so! And not in vain, I mean that as a real prayer. Lord, let me be ready, let me have all the forms I'm supposed to have, let the kids think spending an entire day/night travelling is awesome, let my fellow travelers find them as precious as I do, let my husband and I be a team of superheroes, let us find someone to live here, let us find somewhere to live there, let us find my husband a car for the duration and me for a few months, let the girls make friends, let peace and joy reign supreme in our lives and let me remember that all this takes more than just prayer, but work and the adamant determination to see the glass half full. Even when I can't see the glass. Lord, thank you for the opportunity to see a new culture, to have an adventure with my family, thank you for affording a way for us to be closer to the Dutch side of our family and the girls to finally have a chance to learn proper Dutch, vs my terrible pidgeon Dutch. Or Dutlish as I like to call it :). Please help my husband and I exemplify Your love in all things, Lord. Let us teach them how to live a life of love. Even after 12 hours traveling with a toddler.

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