Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So many thoughts...

We're slowly beginning to settle in here, starting to feel a little less like the old V-8 commercials. (Remember when they walked sideways till they had their V-8?) But ready to have a home and settle in more. Our TLF (temporary living facility- like a small apartment) is very nice, I have no complaints, but it's not home. And I can only walk to the playground with the kids here- now, mind you, it's an awesome playground, but it's not a cool cafe or bakery. Yes, I'm obsessed with bakeries. More house hunting is lined up for this evening and again tomorrow night assuming the kids are up for it. Tomorrow, very exciting, we're taking a train trip with the base newbies group to Trier (our closest big city) for the day? Afternoon? I confess, I didn't stop to ask details- Jim messaged me if I was interested and I e-hollored YES! It's likely in the middle of nap time, so that should be interesting, but I'm hoping the new sights and train outweigh the crankies. And ice cream if at all possible will happen. The kids can have some, too.
The girls are making a few friends, boys (which Adriana doesn't mind, and Annelies survives) but you get what you get and I will say, they are lovely boys. And they have a trampoline, which helps their girl cred tremendously. Here's a picture of Adriana and her new little buddy on the trampoline, to say she adores it would be the understatement of the year!
Some of our stuff arrived yesterday which has been a huge blessing! I let the girls each pack 2 flat rate boxes of toys which I assumed would be here about when we were. True. However, I also assumed we'd be able to get to our PO box. False. But they came yesterday, along with all my Amazon orders, you should have seen Jim's face- "what did you buy??" Ha! So we are now back in My Little Pony/Littlest Pet Shop/Dress up/Doctor kit/Kitchen toys/Playmobile land and it's good to be back. I'm having some fun with the girls and only opening one box at a time. They are dying to get into the next ones! They are so happy to have some of their favorite toys back; it brings me joy to see their faces as they open the boxes. Also makes me think I should start rotating their toys more, but that project's about #1 billion on my to do list right now. We'll see...
And my purse! How could I not just title this whole thing, PURSE! I have an awesome backpack I use for traveling as my purse, and I love it, it works perfectly! However, it is huge and ugly. I was missing my pretty purse! But it's back, and we had a nice snuggle and now I get to transfer all my goodies back :) I also bought the girls each a new toy for when they got here and I knew Annelies' was a safe bet- the LPS car, but the little puzzle I got Adriana has been a favorite of both the girls! It's just the right amount of challenge- here's a photo: 
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Latches Board

I actually woke up to the sound of Annelies playing with the latches this morning- a little unsettling as I thought it was someone messing with the door at first! But once I realized I was getting another 5 minutes of sleep while she was playing I loved it even more! I really bought it for Adriana, but they both adore it!
Alright off to get 1 girl out of quiet time and start rustling the other! We're off to house hunt in about an hour! Mascara may be in order too...better do that first...
so 5 minutes later, I just went to the girls and this would be them:

Crack me up. Apparently it's time to make some noise! Boxes, here I come!
Here are a few more photos from our day at the playground yesterday:
I have a thing for tree underbellies.

The girls just being cute!

Annelies put flowers in her hair like Rapunzel :)

"We can pick all of these?!" The golden days before you realize they're just weeds.

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