Saturday, June 25, 2011

House Hunting Part 1 of ??

Where to start? Have we found the perfect house? Nein. We found a weird house in the perfect location (Dudeldorf) and the perfect house in a weird location. And a straight up crazy house in an insane location. I only remembered to take photos of the house in Bruch, which was the nice house in the small, small town of Bruch. Read: no bakery. problem. I'm attaching some pics of the Bruch house. I'm going to think outloud here- perhaps that's all a blog is? Anyhoo- I'd love to hear any thoughts you all have! Dudeldorf: the perfect little town! Not too big, not too small (award winning bakery!) and this house- oh my goodness. The bakery and the playground are a short walk away! Beautiful place! The house is enormous- used to be a cafe/bakery in the 1950s and has been totally renovated. Pros: very, very large- 2 apartments turned into 1. Cons: due to the combining of apartments and the former use it's oddly spaced out. Also, 2 tenants above in floors 2 & 3 (in the States that would be 3 and 4.) If this was a slightly more normal house I'd snap it up, but the sharing of the building weirds me a little. There's a yard, and it's "ours" but what does that mean? We'd be the only tenants with kids, so I don't know if they'd even want it. And it's perfect for entertaining- the bottom/ground floor has window/doors that open all the way across with a little kitchen opening onto the patio, but again, would this bother the other tenants? The house in Bruch is beautiful, I love it! And the views, omgoodness! And you can see a castle from the windows (my girls were straining to see if Rapunzel might not be in one of the towers?) but the yard is tiny and not the kind you could let your kids run in at all. Also Bruch doesn't have a lot going on past houses and I'd really like to live in my town and not just got to the base for everything. And as I type this more and more makes sense to me. There's another house in Wolsfeld (it takes all my concentration not to say WOLFsfeld) that has tons of room and a closed yard (rock wall, maybe 3? 4 ft high?) It's a little farther away, but a decent sized town (will have to check if there's a bakery) and a great area for kids. The inside is great, the outside is great. Hm.... so many thoughts. Add to all this that house hunting with a two year old just plain bites.
Tomorrow we try with a rental realtor- this is also good and bad, isn't everything? Good- he knows all about everything (really, I quizzed him), cons, he comes with a fee if we choose one of his houses. One month's rent- ugh. Just in fees. But our first 2 choices in houses were gone before we could even see them. Perhaps we need help? We decided we'd try the no realtor houses first and see where we got, unfortunately we couldn't see anything but photos of the Wolsfeld house, but unless that turns out to rock, we're going to have to see his. SO! Tomorrow: Niederstedem, Bitburg & Erdorf!
To the Bruch pics:

From the front
the girls are bonkers for all the stairs here, just love them! up and down, up and down, and repeat!

Awesome party/play/family room Pt 1
Itty Bitty Little Patio

Awesome party/play/family room Pt 2

The living room, feat. our wonderful friend who's driving us about all day!
View from one of the windows, see the towers?
I found the link to the Dudeldorf house pictures! Here it is:
So you can see- very open and nice, but strange entrance and layout (the photo with all the doors is the entrance, odd.
Here are photos of the inside of the Wolsfeld house as taken by someone else- we've yet to be inside, though we did drive by.
Lovely, lovely house. I would make the top of the landing a little play area...


  1. After looking in the pictures, the Wolsfeld house looks very family friendly, but how far is it for Jim to get to work, as it were. and would you be ok when he is away on TDY?

  2. It's about 22 minutes from the base, so not too bad on that end. I'd love to be closer, but that just doesn't seem to be possible in a family friendly place (yet). Hopefully today!