Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All Broked Up!

I've been remiss in posting, but I have a really good excuse! Due to a shark attack/bar fight/bear fight (still working on the perfect story) I have a fractured foot bone. On the upside, the hubby is getting a great chance to appreciate all I do around here! On the downside, he's not exactly loving it. Soon I'll have a great big shoe to add to my fashion repertoire as well, joys! So here are some photos from this month!

Our burdened plum tree- I feel for it. This is what I look like in my 3rd trimester- weighed down! Yummy Damson Plums. I need to find a recipe to preserve some!

I just love this photo. It happened because she refused to turn around for the photo, but in  the end I love it! This is Big A in front of our now less burdened apple tree.

It was finally nice and hot so we could play in the pool! A little sissy snug first :) I just got Lil' A's swim suit (she calls it her swim dress!) from Boden. I just love that store! GREAT swimsuit! Even easy to get on!

It rained and rained and then was sunny the other day so we went to the park down the road and  there were Dandelions galore! When I told the girls they could pick all they wanted, they went right to work!

I HATE spinning. They love it.

Okay, this is just me bragging right here. She asked to help assemble the tables and by the time we were through she was doing a table herself! Nice!

"Stop taking pictures Mom!"

Happiness is: coloring on (seemingly) forbidden things.

This one kills me! J is trying to fix Lil' A's boot- but will she relinquish the slide? Absolutely not!

I'm not sure it's possible for a 2 year old to give anything less than  an extreme smile.

Paintbrushes are Bush League. I use my fingers.

Playing in our newly tidied yard (read: goodbye blackberry bushes!)

Our house from the yard.

I have a confession: I daydream about being a food photographer,  and  I'm really, really not very good at it. However, these berries came out fabulous! So now I'm 1 for 200! Woohoo! I made a fabulous flaugnarde with a world of currents they neighbor brought me and some blueberries.

Alright, I'm a little caught up! I'll post some pictures of Big A's horse riding lessons soon!

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