Thursday, August 25, 2011


Big A has had a few animal passions over her whopping 5 years, and the latest of these is horses. Of course, it would be almost strange for a 5 year old girl not to worship them, right? And part of my coercing/encouraging/bribing for the move to Germany was horse riding lessons if we could find some. Not only did we find some, but they are wonderful! And they speak  a little English ;) The Reitschule Sonnehof! So once a week the 3 of us ladies head to the school to watch Big A ride and count down the months till Little A can join in. Yes, they take 3 year olds and yes, they told my 2.5 year old that already. Thanks. Every week, "When Adri big 'nuff? Ride horsies! 3! Be 3! Ride horsies with Annysisterlies! [that's how she says it-crack me up]"
A little reverse cam action.

Another parent there with far superior photo talents took a few shots for me!

How cute?!

She is so happy on those horses, it's indescribable.

And fearless- just calmly riding along, like she's been doing it for years!

Adriana sitting up on what looks like gymnastics equipment to me- watching the big girls.

 We finally made it Equiva to pick up the necessary fashions for riding and I asked if I might have a few shots of her while they were all still clean? Not only did I get a few shots, but my tiny little girl has apparently been reading Vogue while I wasn't looking! All these poses she came up with on her own!

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