Friday, August 26, 2011


We ventured to the Godwana Praehistorium with some friends the other day and wow! That place was awesome! Life size moving dinosaurs however- including of course the fearsome T-Rex eating a Triceratops. The girls were less than wild about that one.
Had to take a shot of this. You walk in and on your right is the admission stand and on your left? A coffee bar complete with Bitburger Beer on tap! Ha!

A gorgeous Argentinosaurus skeleton. If you've never stood under one, it's worth putting on your bucket list.  Gives you some serious size perspective.

Big A took this one :)

At the end of the exhibit there is a GIANT play area complete with a section for little beans!

This is the "head" of the play area.

I really couldn't capture it properly, but Big A's eyes were like saucers when we went in! And, there's a sitting are so you can have a cappucino and a shokobrod  while you watch your kids play!

And as you walk out the only exit? There's the ice cream truck. It was out of our hands. We had to have some!

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