Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July in Germany!

The base threw a lovely 4th celebration, complete with rides and fireworks! We also had a chance to explore the backyard of the new house that day. Here are the photos:
Can you say "Diva?" Adriana picked out those sunglasses and I couldn't say no! And Annelies wanted a side ponytail. Love it!

The local riding school had rides going; the girls were in heaven!

This is a very happy, post berry smile!

Exploring one of the apple trees. I love this yard!

They love taking turns climbing up this stump and sitting on it.

Posing for the camera ;)

This is a berry bush (not sure what kind yet, but edible) that Adriana has parked herself next too for some serious snacking!

Annelies says she is a living statue here. (The New Orleans living statues fascinated her!)

And this would be Adriana's pose. So fitting- I'm Queen of the World!
I have to make this one short as we have to go get a rental car. The Audi we bought 4 days ago that died while I was driving back from the store? "Kaput" as the mechanic said. Cracked head. Not sure what that means, but the expression Jim made as he said it pretty much explained it all. Joys!

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