Sunday, July 17, 2011

Downtown Wittlich

A hottie at the restaurant ;)

Sit still for the photo? What do you mean?

Had to get a sneak pic of this one.

The view down the street from our table.
We went to dinner the other night at a very tasty restaurant called Hella's- Greek food. It was such a beautiful night we ate outside. Luckily there was a light breze as the German's, at least the ones on the patio, are like chimneys!  I had a delicious appetizer of sheep cheese stuffed roasted red peppers in a vinegar sauce. It was supposed to be for all of us, but well, they were too slow! yum. The suflaki I had as an entree was a bit lacking, but the free Ouzo helped out a bit. They actually bring everyone (adult) a shot with their menus, crack me up! We all had a blast and then went to the Walkplatz to see if we couldn't round up some ice cream and look about.

Lovely, lovely area. All the shops were closed, but that was kind of nice as we could look around with out all the crowds. There was this giant rock chair thing that the girls had a blast with. I can't quite remember the inscription, something about it being The Chair of Wittlich.
We passed some bike racks that looked like bicycles that I wish I would have taken a photo of- the girls thought it was hilarious! And last but not least- ICE! yum. We sat in this fabulous little shopping area, sitting outside eating ice cream at 9:30pm with full light outside. And the chairs came with little blankets in case you got cold sitting out there, too cute! Of course as soon as the girls saw the blankets they were "cold" ;)
Found that cute guy again, may take him home ;)

And these were just cute pics of my girlies....
You can kind of see the bicycle in the back-right of the photo.

Yeeeeeee Haaaaw!! She was making that thing work!

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