Saturday, July 2, 2011

Trip to Trier Continued...

I've almost mastered using my cell phone to blog, but I'm not quite there yet! Hence, the very short posts that are primarily photos! So here's the rest of the Trier trip :)

The base here offered a Trier tour trip and we were going to go as a family, however Jim had a friend fly into town so he offered to stay home with Adriana and Annelies and I could go- fun! I would have loved to go all together, but after having had the day, I'm glad Adriana wasn't missing her nap for that- there was a long delicious lunch that would not have been 2 year old friendly! And Annelies and I got some much needed Mama/Anny time!

Trier is Germany's oldest city and you can't really appreciate that till you've been there. It's such an interesting mixture of old and new. And by old, I mean before Jesus old. It's mind boggling to touch a wall that old, to be in a building that old. That is the meaning of awesome.

We also had a chance to peruse the shops and explore the walkplatz (the shopping area reserved for pedestrians.) My husband should love me all the more, I walked into an H & M with a massive clearance going on and only bought what I went in for! Go me! (A coin purse- all the coins here mean I can't close my wallet!)

Here are a world of Trier photos:
This is one of the train stations we passed along our route- they're all this  quaint!

The main station in Trier has beautiful paintings on the high walls.

I just love these! You really can't see the detail, but it's beautiful!

Standard tourist shot! Porta Nigra (the ancient city gateway.)

Much of Trier looks just like you'd think, but a lot of it is very modern as well. It's a really interesting mix.
Here's an example of the old and new combined.

More of Porta Nigra- just magnificent!

Annelies agreed to a photo if she could pose ;)

Something about those big blocks; she couldn't stop trying to climb it!

Inside the walkplatz

She was one with the wall.

We were told decorating one's house externally was a way of showing off your wealth at the time (1600s if I remember right.)

Having an ice (cream) and a coffee break.

Inside the Ports Nigra. Anny just loved it!

A view from the top of the Porta.

They have the most incredible flowers in this country. You can see the pride they take.

A funny toy at a playground stop en route back to the train.

She's all about this funny pose everywhere right now, I love it!

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. Jealous cause I didn't get to climb to the top of the Black Gate. You got some great shots.