Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bauernsalat in Altrich

I found a house I think I'm in love with, however I can't see inside till tomorrow, so I begged the hubby for a drive by and to scout out the town. It all comes back to the bakery ;) And yes, there is one. Well as it happened, dinner time rolled into this so we thought we'd see if anything was open (nothing is allowed to be open on Sundays here but the bakery for a few short hours and restaurants.) And as luck would have it we found a Gast Haus (translates to Guest House, but has nothing to do with lodging, it means restaurant.) Anyhoo- YUM! Best German food I've had yet! 
The girls ordered chicken cossies, she says, "like McNuggets" funny. We reek of American. But I had to take a photo of them because they were actually discernible chicken, vs. the mystery sludge at the golden arches. Not only that, they were incredible. I don't think I'd ever go to a place and order chicken nuggets for myself, but I will here! They brought a ton of them (13 for 2 kids, little kids, seriously) so I thought I'd finish off one of Adriana's and my eyes lit up and I was in a little bit of chicken heaven! Then Jim and I went at the left overs like, well, kids!

This is a picture of my farmers salad, Bauersalat. I inhaled this too! It's a normal salad, but it has these potatoes cooked like home fries, I can't remember the word, scalloped and then pan fried in butter. Heavenly. But this also had a beautiful egg- look at that orange yolk! That's a well fed bird! Cooked to perfection on top. And a tasty white salad dressing, I'm still trying to figure it out- rice vinegar? sugar? milk? Scrumptious. When you put them all together it's incredible. I will get this again and again till they recognize me (as if being the only Americans in there and the loud kids didn't help! ;) Worth it. Worth dining with a tired, wiggly 2 year old. so yummy. OH! And the lettuce and tomatoes! Not that mealy stuff- this was picked today or yesterday, but I'd bet $10 on today! I haven't had lettuce like that since I grew it myself!

This is the outside of the restaurant.

And this is the bakery across the street! I love this town. Must live here.

And this is down the road. I swear, the cutest most well-kept town I've seen yet!

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