Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Truck Stop/ Hof Breit

We went to the neatest restaurant the other night, the locals call it the Truck Stop. The food is very good, but what makes it, is the surroundings. The land slopes away from the restaurant and behind it on one side is a beautiful deer farm. With fawns! The girls were in heaven!

Here's the view of the restaurant that the deer see.

And the piece de resistance? Ooooh yeaahhh... Which you can see from the restaurant!

How could I not? But I ordered the little one, Jim ordered me the big one!

I had to take this shot- 2, TWO, schnitzels with a slice of ham and 2 fried eggs. and fries. Jim ate the whole thing. I don't even have words. I'm impressed and horrified all at once! (Mostly the former.)

Annelies and Adriana found a little friend and after a few translations courtesy of Jim they were fast friends! All in all it was a lovely night!

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